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Labor Laws

Child Labor Laws

The Montana Child Labor Standards Act of 1993 establishes the hours children may work and hazardous occupations in which they may not work - unless specifically exempted...Read More

State Minimum Wage Information

The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) will calculate the cost-of-living adjustment based on the increase in the consumer price index, if any, from August of the preceding year to August of the year in which the calculation is made...Read More

Wage Payment Act

Any money due an employee from the employer or employers, whether to be paid by the hour, day, week, semi-monthly or yearly and shall include bonus, piece work, tips and gratuities of any kind...Read More

Labor Statistics

Labor Market Information

Labor market information can provide employers with current wage and projection information by industry and occupation...Read More

Recruitment Services

Workers' Compensation

File a Work Comp Claim (FROI)

Report all on-the-job injuries or occupational diseases to your supervisor, insurer or employer as soon as possible. You must give notice within 30 days after the occurrence of the accident... Read More

HIPAA and Release of Workers' Compensation Information

The Employment Relations Division of the Department of Labor and Industry released this bulletin effective March 2003... Read More

Insurance Compliance

Employers must provide workers' compensation insurance defined in the Montana Workers' Compensation and Occupational Disease Acts. Insurance may be purchased from insurers that are authorized... Read More

Managed Care Organizations

Organizations desiring to be certified as managed care organizations are required to submit an application and pay a fee of $1,500. Once certified, the MCO can contract with insurers to receive their referrals... Read More

Professional Employer Organizations

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a business that leases employees to other businesses. A PEO manages the paperwork responsibilities associated with having employees... Read More

Stay at Work/Return to Work Project

Minimize avoidable disruption caused by work-related injury or occupational disease and assist the injured worker to return as soon as possible to... Read More

Subsequent Injury Fund

The department manages the Subsequent Injury Fund, a program designed to assist individuals with disabilities obtain employment... Read More

Uninsured Employers' Fund

The UEF was created to provide benefits to employees injured on the job while working for an uninsured employer. The purpose is to pay the injured worker the same benefits the worker... Read More

Workers' Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions and answers, you may also find answers in the Benefits Summary. Nothing on this website is intended as legal advice... Read More

Unemployment Insurance

Pay Unemployment Insurance

Employers and authorized employer representatives, depending on assigned security access, may utilize the following Unemployment Insurance services...Read More

Prepare for a UI Hearing

The hearing is your opportunity to present ALL information relevant to the issue on your Unemployment Insurance determination. This brochure will help you prepare for your hearing...Read More

Registration as a New Employer

Register (apply) for a new Unemployment Insurance (UI) account...Read More

Report Fraud

UI Fraud is a crime which affects everyone. It drives up the cost of UI taxes for businesses and causes frustration for law-abiding employers and workers...Read More

UI eServices for Employers Information

The new UI eServices for Employers website is now available, taking the place of WOW and UI4Employers. Through eServices, employers will be able to file and pay their UI Quarterly Reports...Read More


Download Required Labor Law Posters

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry has responded to employers' needs by making it easier to obtain posters mandated by laws for posting...Read More

Request a Workplace Safety Consultation

Identify problems before they become accidents. Workplace hazards have a direct impact on your employees and your business. The Montana Safety and Health Bureau offers safety consultations...Read More

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